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Adult Condos

Existing age restrictions in condominiums will be allowed until Dec 31, 2032 but after that date, the only age restriction allowed will be 55 plus for seniors. Until then, we have sorted this list of adult condos by their age group and will update regularly. Most age restricted condos in Alberta cater towards seniors (55 & Over) regardless their by-laws indicate a younger age group. As of January 2018, adult condominiums can only limit themselves to 55+ age group but since many owners have made significant investment in buying their home, the Alberta Government set a 15 year transition period to allow for those owners to decide where they want to live. Owners in 40 + complexes will reach the required threshold so there will be no change for them. Condos most affected are the 18+ ones and these will either have to remove the age restriction or convert to 55 plus before 2032. For more on Bill 23, you can read this article on the Alberta Government website